11/10/09 Lufkin Police Report

Burglary/Coin 100 Block of N Timberland Drive: Newspaper delivery reported that a newspaper machine on his route in front of a business was missing.  Short time later, the machine was located off Ford Chapel Rd, damaged and with the coin box missing.

Theft, 2400 Block of E Denman Avenue: Convenience store clerk reported that a man and women came into the store, concealed merchandise in their clothing, and departed the store without paying. 

Burglary/Vehicle, 400 Block Of N Timberland Drive: Woman reported that she left her purse inside her unlocked vehicle while she was working.  She reported that after she got off work, a short while later she discovered her purse was missing.

Criminal Trespass, 200 Block Of Hoskins Avenue: Man reported that he come home to find that someone had once again forced open a door to his home, but he did not find anything missing.  The man reported that his wife owes a man some money, and he believes that is who is responsible for the break-ins.

Assault, 200 Block of S First Street: Woman reported that her adult son hit her on the arm in a business parking lot, and assaulted her again later at their home in the county.

Counterfeiting, 2500 Block Of Daniel Mccall Drive: Gas store clerk reported taking three one hundred dollar bills from a black male and black female on three different occasions.  The clerk reported the bills were later discovered to be fictitious when she went to put them in the safe.  The bills that were passed looked real, and were actually five dollar bills with a one hundred dollar bill printed over it.

Counterfeiting, 500 Block Of S Timberland Drive: Gas station clerk advised that two black males and a female passed three fake one hundred dollar bills.  The first used the fake bill to purchase cigarettes and several scratch off lotto tickets, then the other two in the group asked for change for their $100 dollar bills.  The clerk discovered the bills were fake as the suspects were driving off, and called police.

Injury to Child, 300 Block Of Cain Street: Woman reported that she left her 3 year old in the care of her brother-in-law and sister yesterday when she went to work.  After learning of a family violence incident (See 01-08028802), she discovered some bad bruises on her child.

Burglary/Habitat, 300 Block of Cain Street: Man reported that his girlfriend's father and several others entered his house accusing him of assaulting his daughter and a fight broke out and he tried to defend himself.  The father reported he came in to get some of his belongings and observed his daughters injuries from a previous assault, and when he began to inquire about the injuries, the man struck him in the head with an unknown object.

Criminal Mischief, 100 Block of Conn Avenue: Woman reported that her daughter's boyfriend had kicked in her front door after an argument between him and her daughter.

Burglary/Vehicle, 1200 Block Of S Chestnut Street: Woman reported that when she returned to her vehicle after work, she discovered her driver's side window broken out and her radar detector missing from the vehicle.

Fraud, 4500 Block Of S Medford Drive: A resident from Plano called to report that he was informed someone had wrote two forged and factitious checks at two different businesses in Lufkin using his name and personal identifying information.

Theft, 400 Block of Lee Lane: Woman reported that she moved in with a friend a couple of weeks ago, but shortly after moved out when they had problems.  The woman reported that when she returned for the remainder of her belongings, she found they were missing from her room, and her friend told her that they had been stolen.

Retaliation, 4600 Block of S Medford Drive: Woman reported that as she was walking to her car in the parking lot, she was approached by male that had sexually assaulted her approximately a year ago who grabbed her by the wrist, slung her into her car, and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the past assault.

Assault, 700 Block of Locke Street: Woman reported that her boyfriend, angry over a text message she had sent him, came to her house, grabbed her by the throat, and hit her in the face.

Theft,  2100 Block of Lowry Street: Man reported that his bicycle had been stolen sometime during the last two weeks from the parishioners' house at the church.

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