Huntington cracking down on drug crime

By Holley Nees - email

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - The City of Huntington has had enough of drugs and run-down property, so now they're trying to put a stop to both. 

Dozer, a 4-year-old canine trained to be Officer Arthur Alvarez's friend, and a drug user's worst enemy.

"If you do come to town, and you are a drug user or you are pushing drugs, or selling drugs, you will eventually be caught and we finally got something that will help us out with that, eliminate that from the city," Alvarez said.

Dozer has a job to do and a patrol car with his name on it.

"I'm hoping that we'll be able to clean up the streets a little bit," Alvarez said. "Some towns do have a drug reputation and I want that reputation to go away."

Dozer is certified to detect seven different types of narcotics and soon, he'll be certified in tracking.

"The certification that we're doing on tracking, it's not all considered to be looking for a bad guy or a criminal," Alvarez said. "He'll be able to be used to track little kids, if a kid is lost in the woods."

But a new dog to sniff out trouble isn't the only change in Huntington.

"We've implemented a new sub-standard building ordinance also we've started cracking down on some of the existing ordinances on clean-up," Chief Steven Sifford said.

They're cleaning up dilapidated and abandoned property that could attract people in drug trade.

"I think it has an indirect effect, if nothing else, on the drugs, the type of people, the type of citizens that you have in the community," Sifford said.

"I want a strong community, a community that people want to live in," Sifford said.

So to do that, police will start with tougher laws, and a new employee on duty.