Diboll kids pay tribute to veterans

By Holley Nees - email

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Temple Elementary fifth-grade students know they are free to sing because of the veterans who visited them Wednesday.

"We just need to honor them because they risked their lives and fought for us," Presley Havard said.

"The veterans, if they took the time out of their life to serve us, we should take about an hour out of our time to just honor them," Marissa Bacon said.

So Wednesday they stood up for those responsible for a free country.

"We should celebrate about our veterans which fought for us for our freedom," Dylan Murphy said.

"They fought for us and made our country free," Andrew Rios said.

They've made a sacrifice that even these elementary school kids are old enough to appreciate.

"It means a lot to me because they have to be brave to do that because not many people are brave enough to do that," Wesley Finley said.

"They were actually brave enough to leave home and go out there and risk their lives for us," Bacon said.

But, even an elaborate program is just not enough.

"Happy Veteran's Day and thank you for saving our country," Rios said.

"I would tell them Happy Veterans Day, God Bless America," Alec Reyes said.

"Thank you, for all that you've done," Bacon said.

And all these veterans want in return is for these students to take advantage of the gift they've been given.

"I hope these kids learn what the veterans go through and what they stand for, they stand for freedom, and all the privileges that Americans got," Lufkin VFW Post Commander Alfred Navarro said.

"I hope they grow up to be good citizens. Useful, good American citizens. Be whatever they desire to be. They can do that," Army veteran Samuel Coleman said.

Because these men and women had the courage to face a fight for freedom.