Excelsior ISD - Survey Results

Tamara Tanner responded to our survey for Excelsior Elementary School:

1. Does your school have a severe weather plan? YES

2. Does your school have a severe weather plan for its buses? NO

3. Does your school have designated shelter areas for students to go in case of a tornado warning? YES - if the classroom does not have windows, students are instructed to get on their knees and cover their heads with their hands along the interior wall in the classroom.  All classes located in the front of our building are instructed to go to the interior corridor, get on their knees and cover their heads with their hands.

4. How often are tornado drills practiced at your school each school year? 2 or more times per school year (Fall and Spring)

5. How do you receive weather information such as tornado warnings? Currently, our science teacher alerts us when she receives a warning via her NOAA Weather Radio, online @weather.com & our local radio station

6. Does your school have and use a NOAA Weather Radio with battery back-up? YES. We currently have one radio located in our science lab and we are in the process of ordering two additional radios to be placed in the other two buildings on our campus.

7. What areas do you think your scholl can improve upon in your severe weather plan? Get the NOAA Weather Radios in place in each building and look at creating a plan for our bus drivers to follow in the event severe weather strikes when they are on the road.