Advice For Dieters In 2003

Are you having trouble getting motivated to start that new year's diet, even though your doctor has warned you about the health risks of being overweight? Results of a new national study may bring the answer you've been looking for.

A government task force has released new recommendations for high-risk dieters who face weight-related health problems.

Healthy eating pep talks may get you motivated, but according to new research, long- term support and counseling is the key to helping dieters at high risk for heart disease and other obesity related health problems make big changes in their eating habits.

Researchers analyzed more than 20 nutrition studies.

The study found high-risk patients who received ongoing nutrition counseling or group support sessions made healthier changes to their diet than those who got occasional help.

The researchers note that there was not enough evidence to show long-term counseling helped healthy people,those at average risk for disease make better nutrition choices.

Based on this study, the U.S. Preventive Services task force is now recommending intensive diet counseling for patients at risk for obesity related health problems. The task force says the counseling can be delivered by primary care doctors or other specialists like nutritionists or dietitians.