11/15 Nacogdoches Police report

600 ESTHER BLVD ~ BMV ~ Complainant states that unknown actor entered his unlocked Ford pick-up truck and removed the stereo receiver from the dash.  The stereo is a flip screen receiver valued at approximately $200.00

1000 JACK LOCK ST ~ BMV/CRIMINAL TRESPASS ~ Complainant states that unknown actor entered a red Ford and silver Toyota pick-up truck parked at his residence. Complainant states that a Tom Tom GPS unit was missing from the silver Toyota. Complainant states that nothing was taken from the red Ford pick-up truck.

1200 W SEALE ST ~ BMV ~  Complainant states around he went to his vehicle to get his medication. Complainant discovered his medication and some loose change missing. Complainant also states that his daughter's vehicle was entered by the actor. Complainant states that an Awia car stereo receiver worth $150.00 is missing from his daughter's vehicle.  The receiver is gray and black with a removable face.

3200 NORTH ST ~CRIMINAL MISCHIEF  ~ Complainant states that an unknown actor used a chair to break out the windows of the complainant's vehicle causing $600 in damage.

1700 GARDENBROOK DR ~ THEFT/ CREDIT CARD ABUSE ~ Complainant states that unknown subject entered his vehicle and took items without his consent. Complainant states that his credit cards were used a short time later. The subject took a purse, cell phone and camera without consent.  The amount of the theft added up to $3,400.

2000 SOUTH ST ~ THEFT (ENHANCED) //ASSAULT X 2 ~ Complainant observed a female subject stealing items from the store.  The suspect was confronted and employee were able to recovered the items.  Suspect then assaulted two employees while attempting to flee the scene. Suspect was arrested by police. 

300 E College ~ POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA ~ Suspect failed to yield right of way at stop sign and struck an on duty university police officer's rear tire of his bicycle as suspect was crossing the road. The officer was able to get up off of the seat and avoided being struck by the car.  NPD arrived to work the fleet and found suspect in possession of marijuana.  Suspect passed SFST's and was arrested for POM.

1900 SW Stallings ~ DWI~  Officers stopped suspect due to a reckless driver call.  Officers found him to be intoxicated and he was arrested.

400 SW Stallings ~DWI~  NSO Deputy was heading North on SW Stallings and was almost struck by suspect who was traveling south in the north bound lane.  The deputy was able to stop her and NPD responded due to assist. NPD arrested suspect after she was found to be intoxicated.

1000 Douglas~ Fail to ID~   Officer Contacted suspect during a disturbance and he gave a false name.  He was arrested and was found to have a warrant for BOH.