Corrigan-Camden High School - Survey Results

Corrigan-Camden High School Principal Andy Trekell responded to our survey:

1. Does your school have a severe weather plan? We do have a severe weather plan at the high school.

2. Does your school have a severe weather plan for its buses? Yes, the bus drivers cover the protocol in certification classes and severe weather is covered in routine safety meetings.

3. Does your school have designated shelter areas for students to go in case of a tornado warning? Yes we do.  We have 10 classrooms that are outside of the main building so we have designated areas inside the main building in the interior of the building that these students will evacuate to.  Also, students that are in classrooms on the exterior of the main building will move to designated interior rooms.

4. How often are tornado drills practiced at your school each school year? We practice 2 to 3 times a year with the students and at least once with only the faculty in order to make sure that they understand and can execute the plan.

5. How do you receive weather information such as tornado warnings? We have a weather radio located in the central office and in the high school office that interrupts when severe weather alerts.

6. Does your school have and use a NOAA Weather Radio with battery back-up? Yes.  Also my computer has weather bug that beeps when there is a weather warning.

7. What areas do you think your scholl can improve upon in your severe weather plan? We hope to replace the portable building with an additional building that will be well constructed in the next year or so.  We are always concerned with moving students from outside to inside during severe weather.