Low Calorie Diets vs. the hCG Diet

The Dangers of a Low Calorie Diet

Common sense tells us that we gain weight by eating too much food. So then it seems logical to simply eat less (or much less) in order to lose weight faster. What's wrong with this reasoning?

As most veterans of the Yo-Yo dieting trap know, if they eat a low amount of calories (500 – 1000 per day) they will lose weight; however, they also know that as soon as they come off their diet the weight comes back and sometimes they gain even more weight. The next time they diet, weight loss becomes more difficult.

The human body is not designed to survive on such a low calorie diet. When a person tries to lose weight quickly by eating minimally, the body reacts by entering a "starvation" sequence, burning fewer calories to protect fat stores. As an efficient, organic machine, the human body will burn its most readily available fuel source first. Unfortunately, when using a starvation diet to achieve fast weight loss, the body burns muscle first, which is most easily converted into glucose.

Ironically, people who try to lose weight by eating a low calorie diet end up with a higher body fat ratio than before they started the diet because their muscle has been consumed and replaced with fat.

So, is there a safe way to make a low calorie diet effective for weight loss and prevent the Yo-Yo effect from happening? Yes – with the use of hCG.

What is the hCG diet?

The hCG diet generally consists of a low caloric intake, however, this low calorie diet has a bioidentical hormone helper; hCG.

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, is a bioidentical hormone originally produced by the placenta during pregnancy and plays a number of roles in the fetal cycle. It also has uses as a fertility support at very high does.

Unlike normal low calorie diets, the hCG diet helps safely achieve weight loss of about a pound a day. In relation to weight loss, hCG has a few key functions:

  • First, hCG prevents the body's starvation response from being triggered, keeping lean muscle tissue and the fat that protects our vital organs intact.
  • Second, hCG helps mobilize fat stores to be used as fuel by the body. In essence, your body begins feeding itself fat stores to make up for a decrease in calories, resulting in rapid weight loss, and a contouring effect. Because the body's adipose fat stores are located in the thighs, hips, stomach and other "hard to lose" places, hCG dieting produces a noticeable change to the shape of the body instead of simply the number on the scale. hCG prevents the muscle, bone, and organ loss associated with traditional low calorie diets.
  • Finally, the use of hCG reduces the cravings, headaches, and fatigue normally associated with low calorie diets by modulating hypothalamic regulatory centers and resetting metabolism to a fat burning rate.

Though studies debate the effectiveness of hCG for weight loss, claiming that weight loss is expected with a low calorie diet, they have not addressed the fact that body fat percentage has decreased. The hCG dieters have protected themselves from serious health risks associated with low calorie diets and have kept their lean muscle mass and necessary fat deposits intact.

There are countless success stories using hCG for weight loss, and many report the same things: their cravings for sugars and high calorie foods have subsided, many of their other health symptoms have begun to clear up, and most importantly, they have maintained their weight loss and have broken free of the Yo-Yo dieting trap.

What's The Bottom Line?

  • hCG, in combination with a low calorie diet, will allow the body to access stored fat and preserve lean muscle mass
  • low calorie diet alone will not access stored fat in the "hard to lose" areas, and most weight loss will be seen in undesirable places such as the face, lower arms, heels, legs, etc
  • Low calorie weight loss without hCG will also result in the sagging of skin due to loss of lean muscle and its structural support
  • hCG achieves effects by working on the hypothalamus, resetting cravings and metabolic point, not seen by low a calorie diet alone

The Lufkin Health and Wellness Clinic offers a number of hCG weight loss programs, working with people to achieve their specific weight loss goals - however big or small - and improve overall health and vitality.