Crockett HUD housing residents sick of living conditions

By Jena Johnson - email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Residents of Prince Hall Manor Apartments in Crockett say they've had enough. After months of complaining about living conditions they call "unbearable" they are ready to see change.

Standing water, broken, rusted pipes and children are in the middle of it all in these HUD-subsidized homes.

"With 2 kids, I don't have no choice, but to live here right now," resident Lakivia Ervin said.

Single mom Ervin says she's had to cope with living conditions she calls unbearable for the past few months.

"This wall, it's just molded, completely molded and it looks like it will come down any minute," she said.

"This is the vent in the hallway. This is where I went down under there and took a couple of pictures, this is the first shot," she said, while showing photos she had taken.

A few doors down, conditions aren't any better.

"Very unsanitary. I'm sickly. I've got cancer and they aint trying to fix nothing," resident Mary Harris said.

"It's just a germy situation," resident Brenda Ervin said.

With a clogged sink, rinsing dishes takes patience.

"This pot filled with water, four trips and having to take it outside, come back, refill it, go dump it, refill it," Ervin said. "It's wear and tear on the body."

Residents want to see change.

"I feel like I should have gotten something done by now," Ervin said.

"I don't see how they can lease this out to anybody to live in this kind of condition, but most people can't afford to get a house built or move somewhere else," resident Lakivia Ervin said. "I mean, this is government, so most people they just have to settle for this, most people do, like I did."

They feel their voices aren't being heard.

"I've made several complaints about it and still til this day I haven't gotten anything done about it," Brenda Ervin said. "I mean after all this is where we live. We need to have our basic needs met."

But relief may be on the way, as a Fort Worth HUD representative says the apartment owner must change management by January. They also say they've urged the owner to sell the property to someone who has the financial means and expertise to totally revamp the property.

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