Restaurant Report-Angelina County-November 19, 2009

Polks #3 Grocery and Deli on Highway 69 North received 16 demerits. They need to remove the expired items from shelves, clean the vent hood filters and keep the sink clear of drinks and other items. The pizza and chicken hot hold temperature needs to be at 140 degrees. They need to clean under the equipment and prep tables in the deli and also need a food manager at all times.

La Michoacana Deli on Atkinson was handed 14 demerits. The cheese and sour cream prep table and the hot hold was at improper temperatures. Also, all employees must obtain food handlers cards.

Taqueria Jalisco Seafood on Timberland was given 13 demerits. The hot hold used for the rice must be at least 135 degrees at all times. They need to clean air vents in the dining area and the raw sausage must not be stored with cooked ham.

Sofia's Cuisine received 12 demerits. There must always be a food manager on site. They must not sell food items made from home (tamales). Also, hot water is required at the hand sink.

La Michoacana Meat Market was handed 10 demerits. They need to clean the floor in the cooler/freezer and sanitize inside the meat display case. The hand sink must remain accessible and the back door must remain closed and seal tightly. They also need to repair the thermometer.

Sam's Club Grocery/Meat Market was given 9 demerits.  They must discard the dented can food items, repair the sink, and sanitize inside the ice machine. The cold hold was at improper food temperatures.

Frutilandia Grocery and Deli received 8 demerits. They need to clean the seal around the cooler door. They must have food grade containers, the food must be dated and they must have food manager on site at all times.

Mi Ranchito received 8 demerits. They need to reduce the temperature at the cheese/sour cream cold hold. They need to rinse and sanitize compartments that are contaminated.

Ann's Burger Stop was given 8 demerits. The mayonnaise cold hold needs to be at the proper temperature. They need to clean the filter on the ice machine and repair inside the ice machine. They also need to clean the floor under the shelves and equipment.

Rayburn Country Store was handed 4 demerits. They need to discard expired food items.

La Michoacana Grocery was given 4 demerits; they need to remove expired food items from the shelves.

Lufkin BBQ received 3 demerits; they need to repair the back door at the bottom and the ice scoop must be stored properly. They also need to clean and sanitize the ice scoop.

Congratulations to the following restaurants, they received zero demerits. My Friends and I Day Care, Lufkin Country Club and Restaurant, Casa Moralas and Subway in Pollok. Also receiving zero demerits was La Michoacana Bakery, Sam's Club Deli/Café, Sam's Club Bakery, and Sam's Club Rotisserie.