Lufkin holds it's first dog agility competition

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- Dogs from all over the state of Texas and parts of Louisiana, and their trainers came to participate in Lufkin's first ever dog agility competition. Dogs competed at different levels, showing off their techniques as they completed an obstacle course, one by one.

The event was all about speed, accuracy, and teaching your dog to be the best it can be.

"He's just a great dog, and he's pretty consistent. Today he's cold and that makes him go a little faster," said trainer and competitor Jeana Burke.

It may be a competition, but it's also time to grow closer to your furry companion.

"It gives you something to do with your dog. You can bond with your dog. When you do any kind of training whether it's regular obedience or just to go in the backyard and teach a little trick," said President of East Texas Working Dog Association Donna Work.

Your dog at home may not be able to take on obstacles like these dogs, but trainers say any dog can learn the basics.

"It's good to have basic obedience training like a sit, stay and a come, and being able to work on a leash," said Work.

Lucille is one of the elite competitors who finished her race in roughly 22 seconds.

She and her trainer have quite the bond.

"She is a rescue out of South Louisiana. I've had her for about five years now," said owner and trainer Bill McFarlin.

And just what does it take to be the best?

"Be fair and consistent and that way, that's how you become a champion," said McFarlin who has been training dogs for years. He has even appeared on the CBS show, "Greatest American Dog."

Even if your dog is a novice, it's never too late to train them, and get them out of the house for some exercise and quality bonding time.

The competition continues Sunday from eight am until three pm. Admission is free, so anyone interested can come to cheer on their favorite canine competitors.

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