Gift of Sight provides something to be thankful for

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Cataracts easily cloud a person's vision. They can distort everything wonderful about the Thanksgiving celebration. That won't happen for at least thirty individuals from East Texas and Louisiana.

They received the 'Gift of Sight" from the Lehmann Eye Center in Nacogdoches. Every year free cataract surgeries are provided to those who don't have insurance or fall between the cracks in medical coverage.

"No insurance at all. No insurance. It's hard at this time. It is. It sure is," Celerea Simon said as she quietly waited for her free surgery. Simon cares for the sick and elderly. She provides a service, but doesn't have the benefits of insurance. "This surgery will help me help those I care for," Simon said.

"We really seek and outreach patients that need this surgery badly and can't afford it right now," Dr. Robert Lehmann explained. Dr Lehmann has participated in Gift of Sight for 17 years. This year he was able to help more people thanks to a second surgeon joining the group. This was Dr Timothy Young's first opportunity to take part in Gift of Sight. He's looking forward to providing the service in years to come.