Lufkin temp workers hope jobs will last longer

By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - East Texas store managers are gearing up for Black Friday by hiring extra help.  But some of those temporary positions could turn permanent if workers come to the job ready to work.

"About two weeks before Thanksgiving we actually start seeing a pretty dramatic increase in traffic. The people that are trying to avoid Black Friday crowds create a crowd," said Chuck Watkins, Lufkin store manager of Buckle.

So Watkins gets ready early.

"I brought on myself about 10 people for the holidays.  What we really hope is that after the holidays about three or four of them stay on as full-time people," Watkins said.

Pam Williamson knows what it takes to get the job.  She started working at the Buckle two months ago.

"Just come in, always have a positive attitude, just smile the whole time, be friendly, be yourself," said Pam Williamson, sales associate at Buckle.

Mall managers say if you're looking to become a permanent employee, it's all about how you come to work.

"You have about a month and a half time frame to really impress who you are working for.  You know, we're going to be running 90 miles an hour in here every day from Black Friday on," Williamson said.

From keeping the store straight to extra cashiers, to making the lines short, Buckle has hired more help for a better shopping experience.

"I have ringers that are going to be just at the cash wrap ringing up, that way we don't have any lines," Williamson said. "We have a lot of people shopping, come through for Christmas and stuff and the more people that we can help one-on-one gives everybody a better shopping experience,"

And since you can't shop without a snack, even this cookie place has hired more people.

"Occasionally we do bring in the temporaries and have them become full-time, if there are permanent jobs, if their work quality is up to par," said James Squyres, general manager of Lufkin Great American Cookie Co.

Squyres says he actually had to hire more temporary employees this year since some of his former employees weren't planning on returning.  Watkins says he's still hiring, so those who want a job should show him they're ready to work.

So, for the chance at a Christmas miracle for your temporary job, you better show off your holiday cheer.

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