Some parts of Lufkin shut down on unofficial holiday

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Traditionally, on the day after Thanksgiving, people are at home recovering from turkey coma and enjoying the unofficial holiday.

"Shopping and relaxing. It feels good to have the day off," Justice of the Peace Rhonda Buchanan said.

Many Americans enjoy a good football game while the brave battle Black Friday shoppers for the best bargains.

But several employers remain open, forcing employees to head back to the office.

"It's a little bit of a bummer to come in after thanksgiving. But it's a pretty easy day and a relaxed day. And we actually close a little early," Van Watson, marketing president of First Bank and Trust, said.

Some bank employees don't seem to mind.

"I'm in a good mood because after this, I get to go home," said bank employee Cara Tullos.

There's nothing like a short day with nobody in the office to make you feel better about being at work.

"People are generally in good spirits. Everyone has eaten too much but we just share holiday stories and try to get some work done. And look forward to the weekend."

The bank isn't the only business with fewer staff and fewer customers. Popeye's corporate office uses the slow work day to their benefit.

"It's nice and quiet and we get a lot of work done," Secretary Sally Wallice said.

Wallice is one of two employees working today when normally there are six.

"We usually rotate on the holidays and take turns being off. So it's okay,"  Wallice said.

Although only one day to recover after all that food and family seems nightmarish to many, several East Texas employees don't seem to mind. What's surprising is, they almost seem to enjoy it.

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