Vandals ruin Lufkin Christmas display

By Jena Johnson - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Poles wrapped in bright, multi-colored lights line the street of this quiet, mostly retired, Lufkin neighborhood.

"Everyone, every year lights the poles in the neighborhood. It makes it real pretty," Homeowner Don Seelbach said.

Don Seelbach says it took hours to wrap each pole throughout the neighborhood. He says vandals tried to steal that tradition.

"They had taken every bulb out," Anna Seelbach, his wife, said.

"Well they took all of the light bulbs out of the string of lights on this pole here and the one across the street and the two poles right over there," Don Seelbach said.

It's not even December, but the Seelbachs' home feels like Christmas. It's a vibe Anna Seelbach has spent years creating.

"It makes the house look like a home when you see the Christmas lights and everything that people really care," she said.

Anna Seelbach says the neighborhood crime watch hasn't been as active in the past few years, something she wants to change so the neighborhood's decorations don't go missing again.

"When you go out and work and do things like that to beautify your neighborhood or your yard it upsets you that someone would do that," she said.

Although Seelbach says the destruction is aggravating, it won't ruin her Christmas.

Neighbors said they caught some kids vandalizing the bulbs and they have been properly punished.

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