12/1/09 Lufkin Police report

Burglary/Attempt, 400 Block Mchale Street: Officers responding to a residential burglary alarm early Tuesday morning found a door to the home had been kicked in but no one was home to determine if anything had been stolen.

Theft, 3000 Block S John Redditt Drive:  Complainant reported that she left her wallet on some gas pumps and when she remembered it a few minutes later and returned for it, the wallet was gone.

Burglary/Vehicle, 1000 Block W Grove Street:  Complainant reported that his truck was entered Sunday night and a radar detector, a trailer brake controller and a satellite radio were stolen.

Burglary/Vehicle, 700 Block Allendale Drive: Complainant reported that his vehicle was broken into Sunday night and a pack of cigarettes and a flashlight were stolen.

Harassment,   600 Block Hoo Hoo Avenue:      Complainant reported receiving harassing phone calls from a known suspect who calls and curses her.

Forgery/Counterfeit,  2600 Block S John Redditt  Drive:   Complainant reported that an employee had written himself a check on a company account with authorization and refunded fees to his own account with authorization.

Credit Card Abuse, 900 Block Rowe Avenue:   Complainant reported that her credit card is missing and someone has made three unauthorized purchases using the card.

Burglary, 100 Block N Timberland Drive: Complainant reported that a black duffle bag containing a small amount of cash, medication and clothing was stolen from his unlocked vehicle sometime Monday during several stops around Lufkin or Diboll.

Burglary, 900 Block E Denman Avenue: Complainant reported several classrooms at Lufkin Middle School were burglarized over the weekend.  Among items missing were a DVD player, several sets of headphones and some Texas history memorabilia.

Theft, Woodhaven Street:    Complainant reported that he moved out and his former roommate won't give his TV back.  The roommate said the TV was a gift and won't return it.

Burglary, 2100 Block S First Street: Complainant reported that an outdoor restaurant cooler was broken into Sunday night and several hundred dollars worth of beer was stolen.

Burglary, 5000 Block Lotus Lane: Complainant reported that a business was broken into during the past five days and a vending machine was damaged and emptied and two computers were stolen.

Burglary/Building, 1900 Block N Timberland Drive:  Complainant reported that his car business was broken into over the weekend and an older TV and a digital camera were stolen

Criminal Trespass, 1200 Block W Frank Street: Complainant reported that a known suspect kept making advances towards her, followed her, wrote down her license number and refused to leave her alone when requested.

Criminal Mischief, 1500 Block Sayers Street:  Complainant reported that an unknown person broke out a window on his parked car with a rock early Monday morning.