12/2/09 Lufkin Police report

Theft, 2500 Block Daniel Mccall Drive: Complainant reported that a customer "short-changed" a cashier at a store Tuesday evening.  The customer kept asking for different change and confused the clerk and was able to steal $350.

Theft, 100 Block Miles Drive: Complainant reported that she left her cell phone in the theater and it was gone when she returned for it.

Burglary/Vehicle, 1700 Block W Frank Avenue: Complainant reported that his pickup was broken into Tuesday evening and the stereo was stolen.

Theft, 1100 Block California Street: Complainant reported seeing a bald man steal his child's bicycle Tuesday.  The bicycle was recovered at a nearby convenience store but the suspect was not located.

Burglary,  800 Block Tower Lane:  Complainant reported that her Texas driver's license was stolen from her unlocked car sometime Sunday night.

Theft, 1900 Block Tulane Drive: Complainant reported that a man stole a cell phone case from a store Tuesday afternoon. T he suspect has been identified and a warrant will be requested.

Burglary/Habitation, 500 Block Cain Street:  Complainant reported that her home was broken into sometime over the past two days and two DVD/VCR combos were stolen.

Criminal Mischief, 500 Block Charlton Street:  Complainant reported that his ex-girlfriend put fingernail polish on his door.  The ex-girlfriend said the damage was done when the complainant set her coat on fire while it was shut in the door.

Burglary/Vehicle, 2800 Block S First Street: Complainant reported that a handgun was stolen from his pickup sometime in late November.

Burglary, 500 Block York Street: Complainant reported that a microwave, a radio, a CD player and an answering machine were stolen in a burglary that occurred sometime in late November.