Crockett ready for Christmas

By Holley Nees - email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Everywhere you look in the town of Crockett is full of Christmas cheer.

"Everybody comes together to try to help people and it's all about giving, you know, and celebrating," resident Cynthia McCullough said.

Some residents are remembering those that aren't here.

"We thought about our soldiers," Mary Ann Lightsey said.

"Unless you actually have an individual, some of your family that's away serving our country, you tend to forget about that," Lightsey said.

She's spent dozens of Christmases here. Others are just getting started.

"This is my third Christmas here," Jamie Walling said. "Spending Christmases here is just a real homey feeling."

It's nice to be able to say hello to everyone you meet.

"The closeness, knowing everyone," Lightsey said. "You walk down the street, everyone knows each other. The relationships you build within the community."

"I like spending time with my family, getting together, doing the cooking, opening presents and just being thankful that we got to see another Christmas," McCullough said.

For some, it's the joy of giving.

"Well what I love is having people come in and seeing what they have for Christmas or have gotten for Christmas and knowing that it came from my store and that I hand-picked that," shop owner Valerie Caddenhead said.