Recent case brings same-sex school relationships to light

By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Cases like the one involving a woman and a 15-year-old girl have brought attention to another issue: same-sex experimentation.

Dr. Le'Ann Solmonson has experience as a counselor in the private and high school setting. She's helped write a book on adolescent development and clearly knows a thing or two about teenage sexuality.

"Sexual exploration can happen at any stage," Solmonson said.

As a former high-school counselor she saw her share of same sex relationships.

"We had issues of girls engaging in sexual behavior in the bathroom," she said.

Solmonson has her opinion as to why more teens are experimenting with their sexuality.

"Madonna kiss and Britney on TV," she said. "Adam Lambert. Yeah, it's definitely more sociably acceptable."

Which can lead to sexual exploration.

"The exploration is not going to make them gay," Solmonson said. "If they are gay, then they're either going to find out then or they're going to find it out at another point in their life. Wouldn't you rather them do that when they're with loving and caring adults there to support them?"

The advice was easy to give, but as Solmonson later found out, not as easy to follow.

"I do have a daughter who is gay," she said. "She came out to us in high school.">

Suddenly Solmonson's dreams for her little girl, had to be seen in a different light. She drew from her professional background such as avoiding gender stereotypes, and relied on her motherly instincts.

"I love my child and my most important concern here is maintaining my relationship with her," she said.