Motorcyclists minister message of God to youngsters

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- Brother's Keeper Motorcycle Ministry takes to the open road. But, they're not just about their passion for riding.

"To be able to ride and to share the love of Christ at the same time, it's just absolutely wonderful," said pastor of the Brother's Keeper Church Dave Sarver.

Riders combine their love for the bike with their desire to share the word of God.

"Truly serving Christ is doing your passion. Whatever you're in love with doing," said President of the ministry Scott Wilcox.

Several of these cyclists say they once lived in the dark.

"For many years, my motorcycle was not a tool of Christ. My motorcycle was a tool to go partying, a tool to do what my flesh wants to do," said Wilcox.

But now, they're changed, and they're spreading the message to youngsters.

"It's not every day that you get to ride your motorcycle into a school and have the kids cheering for you and not really knowing why you're there, and then being able to witness to those children."

Today, they make an exciting entrance at Saint Patrick School.

"We want the kids to see that Jesus works in people at all walks of life," said President of Saint Patrick School Council Ron Cope.

The cyclists talked openly with the children, advising them to avoid the mistakes they once made.

"I think it was nice learning that when you're scooting away from God, you can't really get close to him," said eight-year-old Margeau Johnson.

"You can be cool and still be serving the Lord," said eighth-grader Victor Ramus.

Scott Wilcox, also owns his own shop, called Cycle Heaven.

"We'll shut the shop down to go and visit with kids at any point in time. Obviously, God is going to take care of this shop if we're doing his work."

Dave Sarver is also pastor of brother's keeper church in Lufkin. He wants to make sure people understand that the motorcycle ministry is separate from the church and that all are welcome to attend church services.

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