Restaurant Report-Angelina County-December 3, 2009

El Cazador Restaurant and Club on Ted Trout received 25 demerits. They need to cover and protect the food items in the cooler. Hand sanitizer is required at the hand sinks. They need to clean inside the ice machine and they must remove household equipment. Food items were at room temperature, a food manager must be on site at all times. The back exit door must remain closed and seal tightly. Employees must use proper procedure at three compartment sinks and they must clean inside the ice machine.

The Shell Truck Stop grocery and deli was given 22 demerits. They need to discard the expired medications, and the expired food items and also the expired can food items, and discard corroded can food items. The cold water at three compartment sinks must be restored. Employees must use proper ware wash procedure. They must keep sanitize compartment free of contaminated equipment. They need to remove the household oven and sanitize the fountain drink nozzles. They must increase the food temperature at the hot hold.

Corn Dog Seven in the mall was handed seven demerits. They need to clean the fountain drink nozzles and store the ice scoop properly.

Didough's Pretzel on South Medford was given four demerits. They must have a food manager on site at all times.

McDonalds on South Timberland received four demerits. They must sanitize inside the ice machine and the fountain drink nozzles.

McDonalds on South First Street received four demerits. They need to sanitize inside the ice machine. The lights in the freezer and cooler need protective shields and the drink nozzles need to be cleaned.

Hernandez Grocery on highway 103 west received four demerits, they need to discard expired food items.

Brookshire Brothers #5 Bakery & Deli  was handed four  demerits. They need to clean the air vents in the back room.

Taqueria El jalapeno on North Raguet was given four demerits. There must be a food manager on site at all times.

T&G Burger received three  demerits for storing the ice scoop improperly.

Congratulations to the following restaurants they all received zero demerits. Texas Koffee House, Hampton Inn Grocery and Buffet, the Comfort Inn, and Brookshire Brothers number five grocery, meat market and produce.

The following restaurants also received zero demerits: Jack and Jill Daycare, Texas Custome Cafeteria, Pinetree preschool, Choice Cut Mean Market, Cherry's Grocery, and Cherry's Deli.