Big turnout at Lufkin's downtown Christmas parade

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  The sites and sounds of Lufkin's traditional downtown Christmas parade is something hundreds of spectators look forward to each year.

"It's just amazing to actually see these people over and over again because they have different stuff each and," Klock said. "I just enjoy all the lights."

"I like when people walk over and we get to see cool stuff," said Tanoya Thomas, age 4.

For many, the bright lights ignite a feeling of togetherness.

"It just gets everyone in the mood to be thankful for what the people do for us," said Bekka Harris, parade spectator. "They don't have to come out here and do this parade for us and it makes you think how amazing this time of year really is."

"It gives us a glow inside," said Casey Kennidy, parade spectator since a child. "Here is the holidays and we get to celebrate it together again."

It's a downtown traction that lingers through generations. "I've been coming since I was little and I just carried the tradition over with my kids," Kennidy said.

For children, this parade means Christmas is close. "Because we get to open presents," Thomas said.

For those who have been lining the downtown streets for years, they say the holidays wouldn't feel the same without this parade.

"It's just something we do that just to watch the kids get happy," Kennidy said. "They love it. It just means a lot to us."

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