TLC reality show "Toddlers and Tiaras" comes to East Texas

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CENTER, TX (KTRE)- Give her a little makeup, a little hairspray, and about an hour and ten-year-old Brooklyn Wallsworth is transformed into a miniature beauty queen.

"She loves it here. She'd rather be here than anywhere," said mother Brandy Wallsworth.

The TLC network is filming the "Winter Beauties" pageant at Center Elementary, and following Brooklyn's every move.

According to Brooklyn, "It's like being a celebrity."

She'll be featured on season three of TLC's reality show, "Toddlers and Tiaras". Mom is just as thrilled.

"As long as you're yourself and they just kind of see what we go through day to day," said Wallsworth.

There are several titles to win, but most compete for the ultimate grand supreme crown.

"You know who is who for the most part. You know which girls are here to take it all home," said pageant mother Kristy Horton.

The judges watch the eight divisions compete, starting with the babies.

Brooke McClung's pageant career began when she was just six months.

"I was very little and it was just too much stress on me," she said.

Now she loves it and says performing comes naturally.

"We get ready for pageants so quickly that I can learn a routine in like one day or night," explained McClung.

So she and others can strut across the stage, as they perform the routines they've spent hours perfecting.

"Just look into their eyes and smile," said competitor Layla Pitre.

For some lucky competitors, the fake tan, hair, makeup, and hours of practice, will result in winning a crown of their own.

Director Tonya Bailey says, anyone can enter into the pageant. However, there is an entry fee of around 100 dollars. She says pageants do take dedication, and can get expensive depending on how serious you are.

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