Lufkin radio station surprises random shoppers with gifts

By Morgan Thomas - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There's something magical about this time of year and when Dolores Perez became a local Christian radio station's grand prize winner she became a part of it.

"It meant that I was going to do what I did this morning just giving back to the community," said Dolores Perez.

Dolores picked out which unsuspecting shoppers would be the recipients of their donated gifts.

"It was wonderful to see people blessed and expressions of not expecting something like that," said Perez.

One Christmas victim couldn't seem to get away from the group coming at him.

"I was attacked," said Bob Walsh.

But this parking lot attack was motivated by Christmas spirit.

"I got some free stuff from Sound Tech and some CDs," said Walsh.

Those on the receiving end wanted to know the catch.

"Someone asked me what do I have to do? And I said nothing - just accept this and know that Jesus is the reason for the season," said Perez.

Rachael Luna was working when approached by the Christmas gang.

"I was walking and trying to support my boss' business and giving out menus.  Trying to pull people into the business," said Luna. " A bunch of people looked at me and I turned around - what?"

She was handed CDs and an iPod Touch.  Her response brought home the true impact of giving.

"Actually my husband wanted a iPod Touch for Christmas and I'm out really trying to get that money for an iPod Touch and so I'm going to give it to him for Christmas," Luna said.

Dolores and her Christmas gang felt warmth that only the act of unconditional giving can bring.

"God is amazing and the way he reaches people through without us knowing how to do it and he puts it in us to do it for other people."

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