Apple Springs ISD disinfecting district after flu outbreak

APPLE SPRINGS, TX (KTRE) – Tuesday Apple Springs Independent School District is working to get their campus sanitized. The district closed for the week because of a flu outbreak. On Friday, about 38 of the district's 196 students were not in school because of an illness.

Superintendent Gregg Spivey said some parents of the absent kids called in confirming that their children did have H1N1 or the seasonal flu. Spivey said they decided to let school out because there were so many kids absent that would get behind.

"The primary reason we canceled school was because of the safety of our kids," said Spivey.  "That's always the utmost important to us and we have not had any reports of kids being held at the hospital or anything like that."

Spivey said the school will be professionally cleaned. Since the students will miss a lot of instructional time, the district plans to apply for a TEA waiver for missed days, so the students will probably have to make-up some of the days. School will resume Monday morning.

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