Good Morning East Texas Headlines 12-09-09


Coming up on Good Morning East Texas: More than a dozen states are being hit by snow, ice and rain.

Plus, Texas is getting its largest shipment of the H1N1 vaccine.

There is some encouraging news on the job front in East Texas .

And we'll hear from some East Texas Democrats on why they are not fully "on board" with President Obama.

In today's "Does It Work?", our Joe Terrell will put the "Mini Easy Whip" to the test. If you don't have this cooking gadget, you may wind up wanting it after you see his report.


A strong cold front is moving through East Texas this morning.  Temperatures will drop into the 30s this morning before struggling to make the middle to upper 40s this afternoon.  Winds will be gusty out of the northwest as high as 25 mph at times.  Tonight, we will see freezing temperatures area-wide with lows dropping into the middle to upper 20s.


East Texans comment on Democratic divide

The polls aren't telling the whole story. Democrats' support for President Obama stands steady at 83-percent, according to the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll. But, on several key issues, Democrats seem to be at odds with the President.

Are you missing this bird?

An East Texan arrives home on a lunch break to find a friendly surprise in his front yard.

Fitness fad or faux-pas?

It is a workout that's all in the shoe. Reebok claims their Easy Tone athletic shoes can give you a firm body without going to the gym, and consumers are buying it.


DES MOINES, Iowa - A strong storm system continues to move from east to west, bringing dangerous ice, heavy snow and fierce winds. It's threatening to wreak havoc on morning commuters across the Upper Midwest before heading into New England. More than a foot of snow is expected in parts of Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. Blizzard warnings are also up for parts of Kansas, Nebraska and Minnesota.  A meteorologist in Iowa says morning travelers could be taking "a huge risk."

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Democrats say they're getting closer to pushing President Barack Obama's health care bill through the Senate. The latest possible breakthrough comes after a deal to drop a government-run insurance option. Instead, the measure may offer nonprofit health plans run by the Office of Personnel Management. There's also the possibility of opening Medicare to uninsured Americans starting at age 55.

COPENHAGEN (AP) - Negotiators are trying to bridge a growing chasm between rich and poor nations at the U.N. climate conference, now in its third day. Some of the poorest nations fear they're being given too much of the burden of curbing greenhouse gases. They're seeking billions of dollars in aid from wealthy countries to deal with climate change.

CHICAGO (AP) - A Chicago man accused is scheduled to appear in federal court today to answer conspiracy charges in last year's terrorists attack in the Indian city of Mumbai. The attacks left 166 people dead. David Coleman Headley also is charged with scheming to attack a Danish newspaper that in 2005 published 12 cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

 LONDON (AP) - The World Health Organization is calling on governments to take stronger measures against smoking. In a new report, WHO says tobacco use kills at least 5 million people every year, while secondhand smoke kills another 600,000. The U.N. agency says 95 percent of the world's population remains unprotected by laws banning smoking.

ELDORADO, Texas (AP) - A sexual assault trial is getting under way in Eldorado for a second member of a polygamist group raided by Texas authorities. State Attorney General Greg Abbott made a surprise appearance yesterday to watch jury selection in the case of Allan Keate.

AMARILLO, Texas (AP) - Officials in the small Texas Panhandle town of Claude say a school district driver died when a sport-utility vehicle plunged ninety feet from an icy road into Palo Duro Canyon. They say driver Tom Cruise had been on his way to pick up students yesterday.

HOUSTON (AP) - High winds have sent two window workers in Houston on a bit of a scary ride. They were about 10 stories up the side of a high-rise office tower on U.S. 59 yesterday when their scaffold broke free, sending them smashing into several windows. Fire crews pulled them to safety through a window.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The National Transportation Safety Board has issued recommendations in the wake of a deadly motorcoach crash near Victoria last year. It found legal loopholes and enforcement failures that let the substandard bus operate.