East Texas golfers weigh in on Tiger

By Whitney Grunder - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's hard to turn on your television without seeing Tiger Woods. and it's created quite a stir across the nation. But how are local golfers reacting to the Tiger hype?

"There's two different Tigers," golfer Mike Hepson said. "There's the professional, the golfer for whom I have all kinds of appreciation for the skills that he has. And you have the man, who has certainly lowered himself in my opinion."

"I think it's pretty sad," golfer Cecily Delane said. "I feel bad for his wife. And I'm not sure that all of it's true. I'd like to believe that it's not."

"I'm married and its kinda disappointing," Crown Colony employee Blake Worden said. "I don't see how I could ever cheat on my wife. It's just really disappointing that he could do something like that."

Although most East Texas golfers are shocked and disappointed, they still appreciate him for what he's done for their sport.

"He's still Tiger Woods," Worden said. "He's still a great golfer. In my mind, the greatest golfer that's ever lived so far."

"Once at least he admits to that, I mean the American public is supposed to have been one that's very forgiving," Crown Colony golf pro Ben Burns said. "We should move on from it."

"As a golfer, I respect him a lot," Crown Colony assistant golf pro Cory Ryan said. "For the personal stuff, that's his business."

It seems the majority of East Texans are just plain tired of talking about Woods, and they're looking forward to the day when they can focus on his game on the golf course.

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