Oklahoma intruder shooting similar to Nacogdoches County case

By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The neighborhood where a Nacogdoches County man went on a shooting spree relates to a total stranger. She's an Oklahoma woman terrorized when a man broke into her rural home.

"He's getting close to the door...I'm going to get the gun out," the woman said in her 911 call.

The woman didn't want to shoot the intruder, but eventually, so concerned for her safety, she made her decision.

"He looks to be an older man...I don't want to kill him.He's kicking in the door. Please hurry!"

"Oh my God."

"I shot him. I'm going out front. I hit him.God help me."

Likewise, the man who shot Steven Spradley never wanted to hurt a person, but was willing to take action.

Neighbors saw Spradley shoot several horses. Still armed he tried to force his way into this home.

Before declining an interview the man who shot Spradley said, "The world's a different place, just crazy."

Texas laws recognize that fact.

"It's almost carte blanche accepted that if you're in your home and there is an intruder attempting to break in, you have the right to use deadly force," Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss said.

Still no one likes being thrust into such a situation.

"At the same time knowing that you're within your legal rights just gives you a little more reassurance," Kerss said.

The neighborhood understands their rights. Some residents call authorities weekly to make sure Spradley is still in custody.

Wednesday afternoon, Spradley, sporting a full beard and using a cane, told a judge he was hiring an attorney. His bond is still set at $235,000 and "no bond" with a probation violation.