Lufkin Waldenbooks closing

By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Waldenbooks in Lufkin Mall will be closing its doors by the end of January.

It's a plan the Borders group, which owns Waldenbooks, has in mind to close about 200 mall stores across the nation in January.

"If you can't make a profit, why not close it down, that sort of thing?" said Dewitt Weaver, owner of Color Priced Books. "I keep it open for the community."

Other book stores say it's tough to make ends meet these days, but they're not giving in.

"It's been a blessing it really has for the community and for us ourselves," said Jody Thompson, co-owner of Cornerstone Christian Bookstore. "It's a struggle every day, but I know the Lord's not going to give us more than we can handle."

And when Waldenbooks is closing in the mall, it does make some think twice.

"It does bother us, it makes us wonder what do they know that we don't being the Waldenbooks store, being the big conglomerate they are," Thompson said.

But, the director of economic development says although it's hard to see Waldenbooks go, Lufkin will be OK economically.

"If you look at the overall retail atmosphere, I don't think the Waldenbooks' closing is evidence that our retail sector here is really hurting because we just had the best retail year in the history of our community," Jim Wehmeier, Angelina County Director of Economic Development, said.

Weaver just hopes his community will pick up a book even with one less book store.

"We have a lot of knowledge that are within these covers that's going to be lost," he said.

So while one book store closes, others will keep the light on in case someone wants to start a new chapter in their life and pick up a book.

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