Etech + MyPlates = Big Biz

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Sean Kennedy left Nacogdoches fifteen years ago. Now the SFA alumnus wants everybody to know he's back to Nac. "We are happy to be here. Thrilled to be back for what we consider home and so I wanted to put that on my license plate with "BACK2NAC," Kennedy said while showing off his newly arrived personalized license plates.

The vice president of my plates, the official personalized license plate program in Texas, also wants folks to know Etech is part owner. So does Christine Randolph, the second person in Nacogdoches to receive my plates. "I'm the project manager for my plates, which is our new company that has a five year contract with the state of Texas to make personalized license plates," Randolph said. Where ever she drives she'll be known as 'PL8GAL'.

Etech doesn't make the plates. That's done in Huntsville by Texas inmates. They don't design the plates. That's done by a Longview media company. However, Etech does provide the call specialists to answer customer's questions. In order to do that they must learn what's called 'plate speak'.

"We have a rather extensive list of abbreviations. Around 8,000 abbreviations," Kennedy explained. "They have a data base which they can resource while they're on the phone with the customer." Kennedy also shared there are computerized cross references to make sure no vulgar or inappropriate texting slips through.

The business is only three weeks old. Already Etech and My Plates are putting techy texters to work. "We added 10 new positions to the tech facility in Lufkin. And we anticipate adding another 10 to 20 over the next month of so," Kennedy said.

Hits on a user friendly my plates web site ( ) are increasing. Customers are spending 55 to $195 a year for the mobile expressions.

Designs and potential contracts with ball teams, schools and firms will hopefully roll out as fast as the plates themselves.

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