Sheriff's office charges Rivercrest man with capital murder

Raymond Wilson II mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Raymond Wilson II mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A man charged in the shooting deaths of three Angelina County residents has been charged with capital murder, Sheriff Kent Henson said.

Henson also identified the victims as Lisa Zumwalt, 42, Douglas Wade, 65, and Sherry Wood, 47.

Henson said early indications show Zumwalt, a girlfriend of Raymond Wilson II, called Wilson to tell him she had a sexual encounter with Wade and Wood.

"More than likely he did do this," said Wilson's niece Robin Wilson Wallace.

Shortly after three people were shot to death in the Rivercrest community north of Lufkin, Wallace thought her uncle could be responsible.

"I'm not exactly sure if he did do it or not," said Wallace.  "If he did, he deserves what he gets, but I want everybody to understand that Raymond was a good guy."

Now he's charged with capital murder for killing who his niece claims were lifelong friends.

"I think the alcohol is really what got him," said Wallace.  "I don't know for sure that he was on drugs or anything, but the alcohol is probably what really got him."

Authorities said an early investigation reveals news that Wilson's girlfriend had a sexual encounter with two other people may have set him off.

"He used a revolver, I don't know what caliber it is," explained Henson.  "We've got the weapon at this time...What we've been told by the witness out here is that one of the people inside there is his girlfriend."

Henson said Wilson's girlfriend tried to call the sheriff's office Sunday night, but she was killed before the call was completed.

"It just tears me apart, I mean why would he do it?" asked Sherry Wood's sister Darleen Wood.  "I mean God, I'm shocked.  It's not fair for them, you know, for him to do that."

One family member was on the phone with Wilson that night.

"I said I'm down here in Rivercrest, I'm coming to check on you, where [are] you at, and he said well, I'm taking care of something right now," explained Wilson's Niece Julie Wilson as she choked back tears.  "I'm busy right now and I'll get back to you. I said okay."

Moments later, she would discover, Ashley, Wood, and Zumwalt had been shot to death.

"What is there to say?" Julie Wilson said through tears.  "It happened, you know nothing anybody is going to say can take it back, it can't bring the life back, it can't bring my uncle back, so what can be said?"

One victim's father said he doesn't understand how someone he has known almost his entire life could take his daughter from him.

"I would say that he needed to go to the death penalty. He killed three people," said Sherry Wood's father Harold Wood.

Now, Wilson is in danger of losing his own life.

"I mean where was his mind at when he decided to do this to three people, not one, but three?" cried Darleen Wood.  "I don't understand it, I really don't and it just hurts very bad because I'm going to miss my sister."

If he's convicted for capital murder, Wilson faces life in prison, or the death penalty.

Henson said Wilson is on suicide watch in the Angelina County Jail, but hasn't caused any problems in the jail so far.

Henson said he's planning to take the case before a grand jury probably in January.

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