Good Morning East Texas Headlines 12-16-09


Coming up today on Good Morning East Texas: There is a consumer alert out this morning. We'll tell you why some blinds could pose a deadly threat to children.

Plus, an elderly man is rescued after spending more than week drifting in the Gulf of Mexico.

There's a toy out for holiday shoppers that could drive you up…and down the wall. We'll test the "Zero Gravity" in today's "Does It Work?" with Joe Terrell.  

Bill aimed at creating jobs, making homes 'green'


Most areas of East Texas saw clouds move back in overnight and this kept most areas above freezing.  Lows this morning ranged from the upper 20s with clear skies in out northwestern counties to near 40 south of Lufkin where clouds moved in early last night.  We will see clouds hanging around for a good bit of the day as a disturbance develops in the northern Gulf.  We should remain dry, however, areas south of Lufkin could see an isolated shower late.


Bill aimed at creating jobs, making homes 'green'

Home Star is the latest clunker-esque program.

"At some point, they've got to stop," said Brent Conaway, with Conaway Homes.  But Conaway said there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of what you can while you can.

Conflict between police chief, sheriff's detective causing concern

We are learning more about an internal issue between the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department and Jacksonville Police.

Monday night, the police chief announced his force will no longer assist the Sheriff's Department.

Special needs children shopping for Christmas

Only nine shopping days until Christmas, but dozens of East Texas students are covered.


WASHINGTON (AP) - House Democrats and Republicans will be grappling over their disagreements on deficit spending today. The agenda includes a floor vote on a $200 billion increase in the federal debt ceiling. A House vote is also expected on nearly $50 billion in new spending on highways, housing, school repairs and other projects meant to create jobs. 

WASHINGTON (AP) - In the Senate, Democrats are trying to come to terms with the idea they won't get everything they want from a nearly $1 trillion health care overhaul. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is still trying to secure the 60 votes he needs. He's hoping to get the measure passed by next week.

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran says it has successfully tested what it calls an upgraded version of its longest-range, solid-fuel missile. The high-speed missile's reported 1,200-mile range includes southeastern Europe and Israel.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - A U.S. official says President Barack Obama has written a personal letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. The official isn't revealing the letter's contents, but says the note was part of Washington's latest bid to persuade North Korea to return to nuclear talks.

COPENHAGEN (AP) - Danish police say hundreds of protesters are trying to disrupt talks on a new global warming deal in Copenhagen. The demonstrators say they want to take over the U.N. summit and turn it into a "people's assembly."

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The Texas securities commissioner says teachers and other defrauded investors in Houston-based National Life Settlements will get $19.8 million. That's about 70 percent of what they invested. The lawyer in control of the company says the checks will go out tomorrow.

HOUSTON (AP) - Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt says he'll resign at the end of the year because new mayor Annise Parker is taking office. Parker has said she'd fire Hurtt and "shake up" the department by decentralizing police work and increasing the use of technology.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Pentagon spokesman says privacy laws keep the military from releasing the personnel file of the Army psychiatrist charged in the Fort Hood shooting spree. Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman scolded the Obama administration yesterday for not providing that information to lawmakers investigating the killings.     

HOUSTON (AP) - A former contract guard at a Houston halfway house has been sentenced to five months in prison for sexually abusing a female prisoner in his office. Nathan Jones of Houston no longer works at Leidel Comprehensive Sanction Center.