U.S. and Great Britain Agree on Resolution

The United States and Britain have agreed on a compromise resolution that sets a deadline for Iraq to comply with U-N inspections. Diplomats say the resolution will give Saddam Hussein a short deadline to comply or face war.

The U-S and Britain will call for a vote early next week on the amended resolution. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw will present the details during his address to the Security Council, which is getting an update on inspections from the chief inspectors.

Details were worked out last night between Straw, Secretary of State Colin Powell and the foreign minister of Spain. They are the sponsors of a resolution that seeks authorization for war. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher says the goal is to attract maximum support for the resolution while retaining its core demand that Iraq disarm completely.

Members of the U-N Security Council are again hearing from the top weapons inspectors on whether Iraq is cooperating. It comes as President Bush warns that the diplomatic process is coming to an end -- and that he will soon ask for a vote on a resolution authorizing war.

In advance of this morning's Security Council session, Secretary of State Colin Powell talked with Russia's foreign minister. The Russians have said they'd be willing to consider a new resolution on Iraq -- if it's a "sincere attempt to find a political solution." The U-N's chief weapons inspector is telling the Security Council that Iraq is carrying out a "substantial measure" of disarmament.

But Hans Blix said Iraq's cooperation has not been "immediate" -- as required by the U-N. He also said Iraq's recent steps to cooperate with inspectors have not covered all of the relevant areas involving banned weapons programs. And, he said Iraq has tried to attach conditions on its cooperation.