Nacogdoches County mom and son go through fire a second time

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A glow from the back porch was the first warning of a house fire on Hiway 59 near Appleby. The Appleby, Central Heights and Nacogdoches fire departments responded.

"This is the wall here where the fire started where this breaker box is hanging down," pointed out Vanessa Williams. "That's the laundry room. It's separated from the house, but it went up that wall and took over through the attic and that was...that was the end of it."

Williams surveyed the damage left by a suspected electrical fire. This fire stirs up memories of another fire she was in five years ago come next month. "We had rebuilt and had everything we needed again, so we'll just start all over," Williams said.

Williams son knows what it's like to start over. He's being a big seven year old, but he's a kid and it's Christmas time. "His big concern was what's going to happen with his Christmas tree and is Santa Claus going to find him, I reassured him that it's going to be okay," shared Williams.

Ok because Vanessa and her son got out safely. They tried to leave in their truck, but discovered the keys were left inside the burning home. The melted paint on the truck indicates her decision not to got back in was a good one.

"Don't ever try to go back in the house to retrieve anything. No material possession is worth more than a person," Kelsey Trotty, firefighter with the Appleby Sand fire department advised.

Williams recovered a few things, but not close to what she had. Once again, she knows everything will be alright. "We have family and that's the most important thing. We've got angels watching over us and a good group of firemen that got out here as quick as they could. Just keep your family and your friends close. Everything else will come together," the optimistic Williams said.

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