Local Business Donates Weather Radios to Schools

NOAA Weather Radios automatically sound an alarm when the National Weather Service issues a warning for your area. This can give a school several minutes of lead time before severe weather strikes. That extra time will allow faculty and staff to get their students to a safe location in the school.

KTRE sent surveys to schools all across East Texas. We received responses from 40 schools, and 16 of those schools indicated they did not have a weather radio.

After hearing the results of our survey, Brookshire Brothers decided they would help make East Texas schools storm ready. Carol Bradley, spokesperson for the grocery store chain said, "At Brookshire Brothers, our emphasis is on helping our youth, primarily through education, and keeping them safe at school is the best use of our funding."

Brookshire Brothers donated weather radios to all 16 schools that said they did not have one. I had the opportunity to distribute a few of those radios with Bradley to some very grateful educators.

Hudson High School Principal Donny Webb said, "It's extremely important to have a weather radio here at the school campus. Any time we have severe weather, we need to be the first to know so we can have the students prepared."

Central Heights ISD Superintendent Pat Adams said, "When you have as many kids as we do, you always have to look out for their safety, so this is really going to help us."

KTRE's East Texas Weather Team, along with the help of Brookshire Brother's is proud to have this opportunity to help out our community in making our schools storm ready.

Here is a list of schools where NOAA Weather Radios were donated:

  • Hudson Elementary, Hudson
  • Hudson High School, Hudson
  • Diboll Junior High, Diboll
  • Hackney School, Lufkin
  • Trout Elementary, Lufkin
  • Garrett Elementary, Lufkin
  • Huntington Middle School, Huntington
  • Nacogdoches Alternative School, Nacogdoches
  • Central Heights School, Central Heights
  • Cushing Elementary, Cushing
  • Garrison School, Garrison
  • Hemphill Middle School, Hemphill
  • Hemphill Elementary School, Hemphill
  • San Augustine Intermediate School, San Augustine
  • Joaquin Elementary, Joaquin
  • Woodville High School, Woodville