Kirbyville Police explain investigation into murder

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

KIRBYVILLE, TX (KTRE) - Four people have now been arrested and charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Jessie Palamo, 29.

Authorities say this could be the first capital murder in Kirbyville.

Kirbyville Police and Jasper County deputies worked non-stop on the investigation since the discovery of Palamo's body on Sunday. Authorities say they have not yet recovered the weapons used in the slaying, but believe there were multiple gunmen.

"They heard gunshots and the guy came flying out the window," said David Tullos, an area mechanic.

Police Chief Jeff Clopp arrived at the gateway motel Sunday afternoon to find Palamo dead after being shot once in the arm and again on the back of his head.

"Mr. Palamo had been bound with duct tape at the hands and shot execution-style two times and was deceased when the officers arrived," Clopp said.

The scene was described as a gruesome mess, with blood splattered everywhere.

Police say after being shot the victims body went through the hotel window, Palamo was found face down on the ground.

Clopp says glass flew as far as the motel parking lot.

After the shooting, authorities tracked down who they believe to be the murderers.

"We were able to detain two locals who eventually led us to what we believe were the killers," said Clopp.

After shooting Palamo, the alleged killers fled the scene and headed to Galveston Island where they were later arrested. Four suspects are now charged with Palamo's murder: John  Matthews, Miesha Kelly, David Haywood, and Shane Matthews.

"Robbery is the motive so we believe they were there to rob him, we also believe that narcotics were involved," said Clopp.

Witnesses who knew Palamo can't believe he's gone.

"He was usually pretty much keeping to himself. I mean he wasn't a bad person, didn't stay in trouble or anything," said Amanda Jones.

"Nice guy it seemed like, it didn't seem like, like he'd turn up dead right there," said Jeremiah Breaus.

Palamo's murder is still under investigation but authorities feel confident they've found his killers.

The alleged killers are being held in Jasper County Jail without bond.  The two locals detained have been arrested and charged for conspiracy to deliver marijuana. Police expect to have new details in two weeks once all the evidence has been processed.

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