Restaurant Report-Angelina County- December 17, 2009

The Dairy Queen on highway 69 south Huntington were given 22  demerits.  They must not heat foods in holding table, and must heat them rapidly. All employees must have food handlers card and obtain it within the first thirty days of employment. Shelves must be smooth and cleanable, they must clean under the prep tables and equipment and clean inside the freezer. They must remove the ice machine with a hole in it, and keep items off of the freezer floor. The storage area needs to be cleaned and the hand wash sink must have hot water. They need to clean and sanitize the fountain drink machine, insects and water at the bottom were found. The ice scoop needs to be stored properly.

Long John Silver on South Timberland received 11 demerits. They need to replace the ceiling tile above the mop sink and replace the floor tiles under the fryers.  The walk in freezer door should seal. A food manager must be on site all times, inspectors will follow up on this in fourteen days.

Dairy Queen number eight on Temple in Diboll was handed seven demerits. The must have a food manager on site at all times. They need to remove the household freezer and mini fridge. They must repair tiles on the wall by the ice machine. They also need to heat foods rapidly, they cannot heat them in the holding table.

Kentucky Fried Chicken on South Timberland received four demerits. They must have food manager on site at all times.

Little Caesars on West Frank was given handed four demerits. They need to clean around the sanitizer and three compartment sinks. They need to repair the self closer on the bathroom door. All employees must have a food handlers card within thirty days. In thirty days inspectors will follow up on this violation.

Shipley Donuts on East Denman received four demerits. Potentially hazardous food items must be labeled with the date and time. They do not need to place items in the hand sink, and the test strips require readable chart for comparison.

Polk's 12 Deli on east Denman was handed three demerits. They need to clean the grease around the fryer.

And congratulations to the following restaurants, they all received zero demerits. Sweet Street Treats on South Timberland, Young World Daycare, and New Way Grocery and Deli.