Real Americans?

From San Francisco to New York, Dallas to Washington, D.C., war protestors only seem to be growing in numbers as the war of words between the US and Iraq continues. But in East Texas, the answer to many is clear.

"I think all of the protests are stupid," said East Texan Dale Duke. "Do we need another 9/11 before we decide it's time to attack?"

"I don't think we need to protest what we don't understand," said Donald Collinsworth. "Everyone knows about 9/11 but not many people have really experienced it. If it was in their city then I think minds would be changed."

This past week, while universities across the nation served as sites for students to voice their lack of support for war, it was business as usual on East Texas campuses, with seemingly no one speaking out against attacking Iraq. All of the people we spoke with this evening were for the war, and some even said they thought it was unpatriotic to protest.

Does a lack of support mean that protestors are unpatriotic? After all, America was founded on the idea of free speech and the right to question your government if you disagree.

"I don't think that they're unpatriotic," said Trey Burton. "I think everyone has the right to speak their mind. I just think they're not informed."

Informed or not, the war of words between protestors and self-proclaimed "patriots" will continue.