Authorities report series of Christmas gift burglaries

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE)- Authorities have reported a series of burglaries, several involving Christmas presents being taken right from under the tree. Now, some children won't have presents to open on Christmas morning.

When Kathy Cox came home, she realized it wasn't how she'd left it.

"Our garage door had been kicked open and someone had gotten in the house and stolen three flat screen TVs and my son's guitar, one of his Christmas gifts," said Cox.

Cox's son was excited about his new guitar, but he says the most important thing is that his family is safe.

"If somebody else got it that needed it more than I do, I'd rather them have it," said 12-year-old Aaron Cox.

The family says the outcome is at least 1,500 dollars worth of damage.

"It's kind of just a disappointment in them because I was raised not to lie and cheat and steal from other people," said Cox.

This is not the only family who has had their home violated.

Deputies say within the past two days alone, there were at least five burglaries, three of which involve Christmas gifts being stolen.

"Yesterday we got hit on the South side of town, today we're hit up on the North," said Sgt. Bart Riley.

Investigators are still searching for those responsible.

"Whatever's wrapped under the tree, they just grab it and put it in their car and I guess, they're surprised later with whatever they open," said Riley.

Riley said this happened yesterday, leaving children without presents.

"It was well over 100 dollars worth of, worth of presents. But, they all came from the Dollar store."

Authorities are searching for leads, but whatever the motive, people are taking gifts from children like Adam Cox who is now forced to wait for the guitar he was so close to playing.

Investigators say they have received several reports from neighbors about people coming door to door, asking if they can buy or haul off their scrap metal. Authorities say this could be a means of scoping out the area.

If you see any odd behaviors or have any information about these burglaries, contact your local police department immediately.

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