Get your H1N1 vaccine now says health workers

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A five year old boy covers his eyes, slightly, as his mother receives the H1N1 vaccine at the Texas State Health Services (TSHS)office in Nacogdoches. There are others distancing themselves from the protective vaccine too.

"It started out there was a high demand for it and when it became available there was some people that didn't come at all," Daphne Chatman, TSHS registered nurse said.

Last month H1N1 vaccines were scarce and only those within the high risk categories could get them. Lines formed hours before shot clinics. Nurses heard numerous complaints from individuals who weren't qualified at the time for the shots. They're wondering where those people are today.

"It is available now to everyone, so there's really no reason for not getting vaccinated," advised Chatman.

"There is the potential for another wave of illness. People should not become complacent about protecting themselves," Dr. David Lakey, DSHS commissioner stated in a press release.

"The college students are all going home to be with their family and whenever they come back to school they could potentially bring back the germ back with them," Jennifer Berry, public health support explained. "And the same thing, you go travel outside of state to go visit with your family members."

Nurses in the Christmas spirit suggest an H1N1 vaccine for yourself or your loved one as a present. "Christmas break is the perfect time to get vaccinated," Berry said.

Texas continues to order the state's full allocation of the H1N1 vaccine. Over 7 million doses were ordered late last week.

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