Family gets the gift of shelter this Christmas

CENTRAL, TX (KTRE)- Christ Ministries of Texas has paired up with several churches and local businesses in the Central community to give one family the gift of shelter this Christmas.

Jessie Rhodes, 70-years-old, raises her two grandchildren. The boys' father is in prison for killing their mother. And to add to their struggle, they've been living in a mobile home with a collapsed roof and mold growing inside. The home is literally falling apart.

Within the past weeks, the community has worked to present this new home to the family. When they walked in, they were in shock.

"I'm numb. I'm just numb. I really don't know. Thank god. That's all I can say. The guy said it was God but God uses people and so, I'm thankful," said Rhodes.

The family's new home is fully-furnished. Plus, it's stocked with food and a Christmas tree with several gifts underneath.

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