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Sheriff Kerss warns against recent phone scam

NACOGDOCHES, TX (Press release) - The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office has received several reports over the past few days of people becoming the victims of a scam that is being operated throughout the county.

Close to a dozen local residents have reported that they received a phone call from someone claiming to be employed with AT&T.  The caller advised that the dollar amounts that were listed on the victims' most recent telephone bills had been printed in error and a past-due balance was owed.  The caller claimed that the past-due balance must be paid immediately in order to avoid having the phone service disconnected.  The caller requested immediate payment by credit card or debit card.  Once credit card information was given to the caller by the victims, the credit card accounts were fraudulently billed for various amounts of money, some as much as $800.

Many of the fraudulent telephone phone calls took place a few weeks ago, however, the scam appears to still be targeting people throughout the Nacogdoches County area.  Because most of the victims of this scam did not realize they had been taken advantage of until viewing their most recent credit card statements, it was too late to reverse the charges.  The scam appears to have originated in another jurisdiction, possibly Jamaica, making an investigation into these crime very difficult and arrests and prosecution unlikely.

To avoid becoming a victim of this type of scam, I urge our citizens to not give out their credit card information over the telephone to someone who calls them.  A basic rule of thumb to follow is, if you did not initiate contact with the individual or company, don't trust them to be legitimate.   If you should receive a phone call that causes you to question whether or not the call source is legitimate, hang up and use contact information you obtain from someone other than the caller to contact that business.


Sheriff Thomas Kerss

Nacogdoches County

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