Bad weather and heavy holiday traffic make for unsafe roadways

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – If you have driven around town recently, you probably have experienced the heavy traffic firsthand. There are definitely more people on the road, and coupled with the inclement weather picture - it could mean some unsafe roadway situations.

However, taking a hint from the holiday season, being aware of your fellow drivers and sharing the road is the right thing to do.

"Be a good defensive driver and look out for each other and other people are traveling who might not be familiar with the area," advised Senior D.P.S. Trooper Greg Sanchez.

It's also the season for celebrations, but if alcohol is involved, please stay out of the driver's seat. Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers are out in full force now and New Year's Weekend.

"We will have all available troopers out on the road and that's to be out there to be seen and remind the public that this is the holiday time, and they need to be on their toes... We're trying to reduce the fatalities on the roadway," said Trooper Sanchez.

The combination of extra cars, plus, severe weather warnings makes it imperative to watch your speed on the road.

"It could get colder, it could rain, sleet could possibly happen. If that does, we need to definitely slow down," said Trooper Sanchez.

Planning ahead also means maintaining your vehicle. Make sure your tires are properly inflated before hitting the road.  Emergency supplies should also be packed just in case.

"Have flashlights, blankets, things like that in case your broke down on the side of the roadway," reminded Trooper Sanchez.

If you find yourself stranded on the road or need to report suspicious activity on the road, you can call *D-P-S from any cell phone.

Finally, before you even take the wheel, make sure your buckled up.  Plus, everyone in your vehicle should be buckled up too.  It's the driver's responsibility to double check that every passenger has correctly fastened their seatbelt, and that little ones are in car or booster seats.  There are high fines, if caught.

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