Armed robberies on the rise in Nacogdoches

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Business is normal today, but around 9:00 last night the Kwik Stop at Southeast Stallings and Woden Road was robbed. It's a continuation of a recent crime wave in the city.

Two masked men, armed with pistols, got away with cash from two registers. The clerks are okay.

Then early this morning, around 5:15 a similar robbery happened at the Chevron Station on University Drive. A masked man wearing a red hoody held the clerk at gunpoint. She emptied two registers and handed over a carton of cigarettes. The suspect then fled on foot down Martinsville Road.

Similar armed robberies occurred two other times within the last couple of weeks.

"You get someone who gets active doing robberies, doing car burglaries,doing home burglaries and they're active until they get caught," said Chief Mike Kelly, assistant police chief for Nacogdoches Police Department.

Unlike burglaries, when no one but the burglar is in the store, armed robberies can involve many innocent people. A customer actually walked in on the Chevron robbery. Fortunately no one was hurt.

"The person didn't interfere, didn't make it any worse that it already was. Just kind of stood by til it was over with," Kelly said.

Anyone with information on any of the recent armed robberies should notify the Nacogdoches Police Department or call Crime Stoppers at 560-INFO.

Surveillance cameras play a vital role in catching the bad guys. "They've had real good luck," Dave Gallager said. He sales them from his business, G & G lock. "Several of the places that have had new video systems have actually caught the people from the videos."

The videos show how burglars gain access quickly to a business and later totally disregard audible alarms. The newer digital versions are coming down in price. More businesses are able to install them. The systems roll all the time or are triggered by motion. The images are sharper and can be networked to off premises computers. This enables police to gain an almost instant look at the crime.

The videos present a realistic picture of the crime that occurs during the holidays and other times of the year.

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