New Insights to Genital Herpes

No one really wants to talk about genital herpes, but with one in five Americans infected and millions more around the world, it is an epidemic.

This week, researchers presented results from a new worldwide survey that includes more than a thousand people in the U.S. The results revealed that Americans with genital herpes want and need more information about their condition and how best to manage it, because there is a big difference between what they want and what they get.

While genital herpes is not curable, for many people, it is treatable. And patient care can be improved. The survey revealed that although 85 percent of sufferers said that they would likely take a medication daily to significantly reduce the number and severity of outbreaks if they were aware of it, only 33% do so. And, more than half also worried about how the condition would affect their sex life.

In addition, researchers beginning a new clinical study - the relief study - will compare the benefits of ongoing daily treatment with an antiviral drug versus treatment only at the time of outbreaks.

This study may help physicians optimize their management of genital herpes.

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