Apparent two-vehicle chase through Hudson results in collision

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

HUDSON, TX (KTRE)- An apparent car chase in the Hudson area resulted in a two-vehicle collision Saturday at midnight.

Driver Isidro Perez, 21, and Jerry Lee Rodriquez, 22, were traveling in their maroon pickup at a high speed, and were reportedly chasing a four-door Sedan.

The two vehicles were traveling eastbound on Old Union Road when the pickup truck lost control. Perez collided with a vehicle waiting to turn onto Cox Road from Old Union approaching Mt. Carmel Road.

The pick-up lost control and impacted with a stationary pickup waiting in the turn lane. The maroon pickup flipped, pinning Perez under the cab.

Fire and EMS were called to extricate Perez and took him as well as the passenger from the stationary vehicle, Jackie Johnson, in a helicopter to Tyler for emergency treatment. The driver of the stationary vehicle was Jackie Peacher. She was taken to Woodland Heights along with Rodriguez.

There are no fatalities or arrests listed at this time. Hudson Police are still trying to find out the reason for the chase. They say the vehicle being chased was not part of the accident, and they are still working to identify those being chased.  Police continue to investigate possible leads.