Tree clean-up hits high gear following tornado

Photo by Morgan Thomas.
Photo by Morgan Thomas.

By Morgan Thomas - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Before a roof can be repaired or siding can be fixed - fallen trees must be removed.

"Move the debris first," said Darian Hunt, owner of Miniature Logging Company. "Before they can start construction on anything."

And tree debris is everywhere the tornadoes touched.

"On houses, on fences, on whatever was in the way," Hunt said.

This process took the entire Seguro family four days.

"It took four days of constant working me and my brother-in-law and all my family helped and pitched in," Robert Seguro said.

Most people don't have the equipment or the time to clear the trees. That's where the loggers come in. Their tractors, their chain saws, their skills have come to the rescue after the tornadoes.

"I have a tractor for smaller, tight spots; a shearer over here and a loader," Hunt said.

"We have a chain saw, a track hoe behind me here, and we got two log trucks," Robert Killing of Sherman Logging Company said.

Sherman Logging is clearing out trees for no charge. A win-win for homeowners and the company.

"I'll make a little money off the logs," Killing said. "If I can get them for free, I don't mind hauling them."

The hardest part for loggers like the Shermans is working in a neighborhood versus the woods. It's not a problem moving or even cutting the gigantic pine trees, but keeping the property around them safe.

"You just got to watch what you're doing," Hunt said. "You don't want to make anybody unhappy."

Tree stumps are legendary hassles for property owners. But a company's in town ready to tackle the job.

"Well, we came into this neighborhood to help people out after the storm just happened - the day after Christmas," Jason Deck, owner of J&B Stump Removal Specialty, said.

They came all the way from Orlando, Fla., to remove stumps and are thankful for the work.

"Normally we work the Gulf states," Deck said. "Because of the shortage of hurricanes this summer there were no gulf storms to speak of this summer. It's put everyone in the tree business quite hungry and we're all searching for any little storm to make a living."

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