Rob Lowe Helps Cancer Patients

One of Hollywood's popular actors is reaching out to help cancer patients and their families.  Rob Lowe remembers his family's experience with the dreaded disease, and now he wants to help others deal with a controversial part of the battle against it.  So, the star has introduced a series of town meetings titled "By My Side: Improving the Chemotherapy Experience."  Lowe hopes to build a greater understanding of chemotherapy, its side effects, and how to make informed decisions about cancer treatment.  Which is apparantly needed, because a new study says 89% of cancer patients feel the best way to overcome cancer is to treat it aggressively. Yet most believe that some of the side effects of  the treatment can be just as life-threatening as the disease itself.  That's something Rob Lowe and his family have dealt with, but he says that fear sometimes keeps patients from taking the most aggressive course, which is often just what they need.  For more information about a town meeting near you, you can call toll free at 866-by-my-side, or log on to