East Texas insurance adjusters busy inspecting tornado damage claims

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email


you call your insurance company to report damage to what's insured.

"we have claims on everything as minor as a tree limb on a fence to the total destruction of the home."

and the insurance company turns your claim over to an adjuster who arranges an inspection.

"inspect the damage, write an estimate, photograph the damage and assist the customer with temporary living expenses."

Brian little is the only local adjuster for hoechmeim insurance company. and since december 23rd - he's seen a lot. adjusters like him have inspected tornado damage to your cars, homes and businesses.

"we assess all the damage while we're there. it could take 20 min. or all day."

there may not be anyone busier. and their job requires an eagle eye. little described what he looks for with a roof claim.

"aside from the obvious damage, we check to see if the shingles have been lifted or the seals are broken. we check for structural damage to the rafters and the ceiling jars, any damage to the inside of the house that could affect the sheetrock."

home and business owners have to preserve whats left before the insurance adjuster arrives - tarping up your roof like the home behind me is one of the ways to do it.

why not call them tornado tarps? they seem to be the official mark of the tornado.

"there's a nominal fee for the roofer to cover the roof and prevent future damage. we like to see those blue tarps because our policy holders have taken steps to prevent future damage."

after the adjuster has completed the claim inspection - you can start repairs, but if you run into trouble with your contractor - it's not your problem.

"this is not the homeowner's responsibility to arrive at an agreed price. that's our responsibility and the responsibility of the contractor."

but to make the whole process easier and the repairs started faster - invite your contractor to the inspection.

"we prefer the contractor to be there when we adjust the claim because it gives us one step up in the whole process. we don't have to wait to communicate with the contractor.

an adjuster's job is to observe damage - so they've seen a lot. but this tornado even left an impact on insurance adjusters.

"i've done this 18 years and its the most severe damage i've ever seen."

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