Volunteer chain saw team helps out tornado victims

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – The tornado clean-up continued this weekend.  Many of the victims rely on the time and resources of volunteers to help get their lives back to normal. The Harmony Hills Baptist Church's Disaster Relief and Chain Saw Team is one group that has stepped up to answer the call of duty.

Jim Fuller and his chain saw team are not taking it easy this weekend.  In fact, he leads his church's chain saw team and it's a job taken very seriously. Even though it's one he volunteers for.

"[I] maintain all the equipment and go out do whatever necessary for  the neighborhood when disaster occurs," said James "Jim" Fuller, Leader of the Harmony Hills Baptist Church Disaster Relief.

Since the tornado, his chain saw team has moved and cut up trees that fell on homes, cars and businesses.  This weekend the chain saw team still has many work orders to get to.

Saturday morning, the volunteer chain saw team was at a home in a neighborhood badly affected by the tornado. They were moving trees off a man's home and car.

"Harmony Hills volunteers come over to help us cut the tree of the house - free of charge.  Good guys.   God sent them this way," thanked Anthony Blake, tornado victim.

When asked why they were spending their weekend doing such hard work, the volunteers believed it was their duty to help the community.

"Love in my heart.  Love in my heart for people.  That's our responsibility.  To help people out in the community and to help people in need," said Fuller.

"I get a good heart and a good feeling about it.  Helping out those in need," agreed Adam Pedrottini, a chain saw team volunteer.

The tornado victims are truly thankful that there are people out there to answer the call.

"We feel great.  We're blessed.  Not only for our lives, but that people are willing to come and assist you as quickly as they did," said Blake.

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